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XML4Pharma is an ethical company. We do not do business with companies that do not apply to our ethical standards.
Therefore, we keep a "black list" of companies that we refuse to do business with, unless they (try to) take legal action against us.

Some of the companies that are on our "black list" are:


DataSci is a well known patent troll" company in the world of electronic data capture. It claims to have invented the use of the internet for data capture in clinical research, and (one cannot believe it) obtained a US patent on this. With this "patent", it ripped off millions of dollars from major EDC vendors, who choose to pay a "license fee" after being threatened by DataSci for court cases, instead of starting a several years long litigation, which would retard and jeopardize their business.

APA PictureDesk GbmH, Vienna

Old economy:

Although taken in Austria, APA PictureDesk does not own ANY rights on THIS picture!

PictureDesk is an "old economy" company that sells rights for images and pictures. It is known for its exorbitant high prices for using images on the internet for which it owns the rights.
Just like a "patent troll" it does not seem to produce anything (except for invoices) - it just sells rights on behalf of others. That their high prices does not seem to harm the company, is in our opinion another indication for the "Vetterwirtschaft" (nepotism, patronage) that is still a plague in Austria.
We regard this company as being unethical: a case is known where this company made a picture of its CEO available to news agencies (allegedly for free), and when they used it, charged them.
But selling picture rights does not seem to be the core business of this company. Instead it seems to make a lot of money with cashing money from private persons and small companies for alleged use of pictures it claims to have the rights on. Very problematic however is, that it also does so for foreign companies with a doubtful reputation, and even claims to have rights on pictures that are plagiarism themselves. For example, it claims to own the rights of the picture designated T495/0064 which (in our opinion) is a clear plagiarism of the picture "March of Progress" orginally published in a Time-Life book by the anthropologist F. Clark Howell. APA PictureDesk is charging the exorbitant price of 180 (per year!) for this plagiarism picture in publications. In our opinion, this is a clear case of dealing in stolen intellectual property!
The case is currently under investigation by the Austrian prosecuting attorney. Also Time-Life seems to prepare a court case against this company.

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